Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Worst Part of Bike Racing

I got a new office chair today at work. It's one of the Herman Miller Aeron chairs. That probably sounds pretty lame to those of you who don't sit in front of a computer screen 8 hours per day, but to me it's actually a highlight.

Pretty much the last thing I want to do on a Friday after I leave work is get back in a chair, this time in my car, and drive 6 hours to a race. Even if my car had one of the Herman Miller chairs, it still wouldn't be appealing. Traveling is a real pain in the butt (literally), but it also sucks being away home my wife, dogs, and home all weekend. Not to mention when you leave Friday afternoon after work and return Sunday night, on Monday morning it feels like you missed out on a weekend.

Travel gets expensive too. Gas and hotels aren't cheap. Sharing it with a team definitely helps, and it also makes the travel a lot more fun. Skating is even worse since the closest race is 6 hours away and all but 3 races per year either require a flight are a 12+ hour drive each way.

It's pretty awesome that Oklahoma is getting more and more races each year. These year we'll have an additional big-time road race (Eucha Tough), another big crit (Sandridge), and an omnium (Tribbey). That, in addition to the strong local race teams I mentioned the other day, takes a little bit of travel out of the picture.

I still want to hit Lago Vista this weekend. I was hoping to find somebody else to drive, but it looks like I might be taking my car. It shouldn't be too bad, and on the plus side I don't have another race in Texas until an inline marathon on April 21.

Racing is the main reason I train the way I do, so I understand it is necessary to bite the bullet and travel once in a while. Sure, I could go back to Kansas and save some money and time, but I know the racing in Texas is going to be more competitive and more fun...but gosh...Austin is really far away.

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