Friday, February 17, 2012

Pre race chaos

The first race of the year always has extra stress involved. I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a bit nervous today. I always seem to lose the smoothness of my pre race routine by the time February comes around. Packing always takes longer for that first race because I forget everything I usually bring. I packed way too much today, but since I was driving my own car it was ok.

Joey and I got our 4 bikes, extra wheels, and all of our coolers, tools, and bags inside my wagon.

This race is the one where I wrecked on the crit last year and when I stopped to help Brian out in the road race when he broke his leg.

The stress really started to compound when I realized there is a 70% chance of rain at the start of our crit tomorrow. Last time I raced in the rain was Tulsa tough, and that ended in a wreck and a dnf. Tomorrow will be my "web redemption."

The nice thing about cycling is we get to race almost every weekend. If
Things don't go my way tomorrow I'll try again next week. I never had that in skating. There were so few races that each event had the chaos involved with being the first race of the season.

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