Thursday, February 23, 2012

OK Cycling Is Getting Competitive

This season is looking pretty good for Oklahoma cyclists. When I started racing back in 2007, OKC Velo seemed to pretty much dominate the OKC scene and Tulsa Wheelmen had Tulsa. Five years later, cycling in Oklahoma is totally different. Now OKC has Undiscovered, DNA, Cyclesmart, and OKC Velo. Tulsa has Tulsa Tough, BOT, Soundpony, and Superleggera. That's 6 teams with strong enough riders to win just about any p/1/2/3 race. Plus there are a handful of other master/cat4/cat5/junior teams.

With such a mild winter, it seems like the Oklahoma riders are pretty strong right now. With the extra amount of competition and the good riding form, the Oklahoma races in March should be pretty interesting. I think everyone wants to prove their worthiness. There's been a lot of hype on facebook, and even some trash talk going around. It really feeds the energy of the racing scene, and I'm expecting a pretty explosive Salt Creek/Tall Chief weekend.

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