Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Picking Teams

This isn't directed at anyone or any team. It was just something I was thinking about during my ride today. I also can't say I've never fallen into these traps.

Teams in the skating world are so much different than teams in the cycling world. I'm not sure why that is. The turnover in skating is a lot greater than in cycling. I think a lot of skaters choose a team based on what they can receive. It's slightly annoying when people ask "what are you getting?" I'm getting a chance to skate with some of the most experienced guys in the country...guys that are fun to travel with, who I enjoy being around. I get the opportunity to wear the logo of a company (Simmons Racing) I've looked up to since I was 12 years old. I can't think of anything that another team could offer me that would make me want to skate for somebody else.

I feel the same way with my cycling team. Unless I was determined to become a professional, which I'm not, there isn't a single reason I would switch to a different team.

Undiscovered isn't just a random group of guys. Each person from category 5 and up was hand picked because we want them there. We have standards that extend further than just how fast somebody can ride a bike. It doesn't matter how much talent somebody has, if they don't click with our guys right away, they won't be racing in our kit. We were lucky to be able to add so many great guys to the team for this year. Not only are most of my inline skating teammates racing bikes for Undiscovered, but we also have a handful of cat 4s and cat 5s that instantly became part of the family. We might all be really nice guys, but that doesn't take one bit of our desire to win off the table; and we will win in 2012.


  1. so glad to a part of a great group of guys

  2. Man that's funny there are guys like that in skating. I thought most of the mooches were in surfing and cycling.
    You have a great team of great guys with a great attitude.
    Dark Lord

  3. Question for ya (probably one of many) - do cycling teams usually ask for you to join or do you have to ask?

  4. It really depends on the team. I'd suggest trying out some different group rides and talking to guys/girls from different teams. Each team attracts certain personality types usually, and you'll be able to tell who you will click with pretty quickly. Then you can ask them if they would allow you to become a member of the team.

    Typically we (Undiscovered) don't just go out and recruit people. We become friends with them first, and then it moves into them wanting to race for us.

  5. Ok, I can deal with that! There's a masters guy I skate behind all the time so I might bring it up.