Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fire Hill Crit #1

It’s already been a few days since Fire Hill so my memory of the specific events isn’t that great. Jeremy made a very early move. There were about 3 guys in the break if I remember correctly, but Jeremy rode them off and put a big gap on the field. Brian attacked the field and got a nice gap, but wasn’t able to get all the way up to Jeremy before the pack started chasing. I think DNA realized that we had two guys off the front so they really picked up the pace up front and reeled Brian back in. Somewhere around this time Mark Trimble crashed. He was able to get up and finish the race, but I heard yesterday that he had a pretty serious collarbone injury. Everyone from Undiscovered is praying that he has a quick and painless recovery.

There were a couple more attacks before the end of the race, but Jeremy kept putting time on the rest of the field. With two laps to go I was able to get off the front. I held onto it for 2nd place and Joey won the field sprint taking 3rd place. Team Undiscovered swept the podium.

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